Game Type: Large Group

Age: 4-12

Number of Teams: 0

Playing Area: Small room

Equipment or Supplies: None

Object of Game: To guess who the lion is

How to Play Roar:

Children will sit in a line on one side of the playing area. One person will sit in the middle of the room with their back to the groups. One child will slowly crawl up to the person and roar in his/her ear, then scurry back to his/her seat. The person in the middle gets one guess as to who the lion was.


  1. Pick one person to go sit in the center of the room and cover his/her eyes.
  2. Silently pick one student to be the lion.
  3. The student will crawl to the center of the room and roar as loud as they can, then scurry back to his/her place.
  4. Once she’s back, the person in the center will turn around and try to pick who the lion was.
  5. If he’s correct, the lion becomes the new person in the center. If not, the lion wins and the person turns back around and play continues.

Bible Link:

This game can be used to link to Daniel and the Lion’s Den (Daniel 6 or to talk about how the Devil is like a Lion trying to catch people out (1 Peter 5:8).

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