Are you looking for a fun Bible Club program for kids? Try this free Bible VBS program.

The goal of this program is to share the Gospel message with children and introduce them to the Christian life through a sea theme.

Children will learn that God has made them special, but that we have all fallen short of His standard. They will learn that Jesus came to be a substitute for them. Children will then be reminded of Jesus’ call to follow Him and be introduced to living a Christian life.

We pray this program will be a blessing to you as you use it at home or at church.

Each session includes

  • Bible lesson for kids
  • Bible story pages
  • Themed story page
  • Script for drama or puppets
  • Worksheets
  • Coloring pages
  • Crafts
  • Group games
  • and more


  • VBS / Holiday Club
  • Backyard (Garden) Bible club
  • Weekly themed Bible lessons


Main Sessions

1) God made the seas (God made a perfect world)

2) Noah and the Flood (The problem of sin)

3) Jonah (Repentance)

4) The Red Sea (Follow God)

5) Fishers of Men (Share Him with others)


Extra sessions

Use the extra sessions as follow up or to create an eight-week program.

6) Jesus calms the storm

7) Peter walks on water

8) Paul’s shipwreck


The PDF files will download inside a zip file. They are sorted by sessions.

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