This week we will teach our children about ‘the fall’. From the account of Adam and Eve found in Genesis 3. The goal of this lesson is for children:


  • to understand the importance of choice – right and wrong.
  • to learn that God didn’t make them like robots, but wants them to love and obey Him
  • to learn to say sorry when they do wrong.
  • to understand that God loves them and forgives them.

Download this week lesson

Bible Lesson

This week’s lesson is from Genesis chapter 3. Read it from your child’s Bible and then watch the  clip below. 

A full lesson outline and application is included in the download.

Games and Activites

Included in this week’s downloadable lesson is a selection of games and activities that can be used to reinforce this week lesson. Included are

  • A printable Adam and Eve snakes and ladders game
  • Fun Bubble snake outdoor activities
  • Jump snake – skipping rope game
  • Robot Commands – A fun twist on the classic ‘Simon Says’


The goal of the worksheets is to teach the lesson of Adam and Eve and the Fall while supporting Educational development. This weeks lesson includes:


In this weeks lesson you will find:

Download this week lesson

The fall - Genesis 3 - Free printable Bible lesson for under 5s

God made me - Free printable at home Bible lesson for under 5s

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