This week we will teach our children about ‘the fall’. From the account of Adam and Eve found in Genesis 3. The goal of this lesson is for children:

  • to understand the importance of choice – right and wrong.
  • to learn that God didn’t make them like robots, but wants them to love and obey Him
  • to learn to say sorry when they do wrong.
  • to understand that God loves them and forgives them.
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Lesson Guide – The Fall. Genesis 3

Review what we’ve already learned about creation. Reflect on how the garden of Eden was perfect and Adam and Eve were happy. Share how they enjoyed a relationship with God.

Read Genesis chapter 3 from your child’s Bible.

An important part of this week’s lesson is about making choices. Older children will automatically question why God allowed Adam and Eve to eat the fruit or why He put the tree in the garden in the first place. This gives us the opportunity to talk to our children about choice and free will.

If your child, has a remote-control toy, let them play with the toy. Comment how the toy responds to the remote control. Explore your home for things with switches. Which kid (or grown up) doesn’t love to push buttons? Light-switches, TV remotes, computers, toys, etc. Again, comment on how pushing a button makes the item work.

You can now introduce the idea of free will. Say that God didn’t make us a like a robot or make us love him or obey Him because we must. He wants us to want to love Him and obey Him. He gave Adam and Eve a choice, they could eat everything, but the fruit of one tree and obey God or they could eat the fruit and choose not to obey God. Introduce the word ‘sin’, explain how when we do things that God doesn’t want to do, we call it sin.

Give your child some situations and ask them to choose what is a good choice and what is a bad choice. e.g. If you break something is it good to A) hide it or B) tell a grown up. If someone has a toy you want is it good to A) take it or B) wait for your turn and so on. Explain how the most important choice we need to make it to love God.

Show that there are consequence for our actions. Everything we do will have a good or bad consequence. Do some cause and effect activities with your child.

Share how even though God disciplined Adam and Eve for their disobedience, He did not stop loving them. He provided for them and promised a way to save people again.

Explain how Jesus came to restore our relationship with God.

Bible lesson video

Adam, Eve and the Fall – Bible story for kids

Example pages from our Fall (Genesis 3) Bible lesson

The Fall – Genesis 3  – Tree craft for kid

Spiral Snake craft

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