In the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, we find a remarkable event in Jesus’ life known as the Transfiguration. This was when Jesus showed His divine glory to three of His disciples. This passage tells us who Jesus really is and how we should respond to Him.

Key Points:

  1. Jesus reveals His divine nature.
  2. Moses and Elijah appear, symbolising the Law and the Prophets.
  3. God’s voice affirms Jesus as His beloved Son.
  4. The importance of listening to Jesus.

Lesson Guide – The Transfiguration

Begin by inviting the children to join you on a journey. Set up an obstacle course or a ‘mountain’ made of pillows or cushions. Talk about how Jesus took Peter, James, and John on a special walk up a high mountain.

Ask, “Who do you think Jesus is?” Children might describe Jesus as a teacher, a miracle worker, a kind man, or even just a character from stories they’ve heard. After hearing their thoughts, share moments from Jesus’ life and teachings to give them context.

Read the Bible passage from one of the Gospels.

Print images of Moses, Elijah, and Jesus and place them in different parts of the room. Call out various events from the Bible and ask the children to guess which person they connect to. For example, when you mention “parting the Red Sea,” the children should go to the image of Moses. If you say “the fiery chariot,” they should go to the image of Elijah.

Explain how Moses and Elijah’s appearance with Jesus connects the Old Testament with Jesus’ mission in the New Testament. It shows that Jesus fulfils the Law (Moses) and the Prophets (Elijah).

Have the children close their eyes and imagine the scene on the mountain where Jesus is transfigured.

Describe how a bright cloud surrounds Him, symbolising God’s presence, and God’s voice proclaims, ‘This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!’ Discuss the importance of these words, emphasising Jesus’ unique relationship with God. You might also want to think back to Jesus’ baptism, where a similar proclamation was made by God.

Next, focus on God’s command during the Transfiguration: ‘Listen to Him.’ To make this interactive, play a game of ‘Simon Says,’ After the game, discuss why listening to Jesus is essential. Share other verses from the Bible that echo this sentiment, like John 14:15, ‘If you love me, you will keep my commands.’

Explain that listening to Jesus shows our love and trust in Him. Discuss practical ways we can listen to Jesus today. Emphasise that by listening to Jesus, we learn how to live in a way that pleases God.

Talk about Peter, James, and John’s reactions during the Transfiguration. They were amazed and scared when they saw Jesus in His divine form and heard God’s voice.

Reflect on how Jesus revealed His true identity as the Son of God to Peter, James, and John. This event was a special moment where Jesus showed a select few who He really was, beyond any doubt. Connect this back to the beginning of the lesson, where we discussed who Jesus is. Just like Jesus revealed Himself to the disciples, Jesus continues to reveal Himself to us today, helping us to truly know and follow Him.

Share a personal testimony of how Jesus helped you to recognise who He really is. Ask the children to think about times they might have felt or seen Jesus working in their lives. To conclude, emphasise that Jesus wants us to know Him, love Him, and follow His teachings. End the lesson with a prayer, thanking Jesus for revealing Himself to us and asking for His help to understand and follow Him more each day.

The Transfiguration – Bible story for kids

Games and activities

Nature Walk

Take the child for a nature walk, relating it to Jesus’s special walk with His disciples.

Explore nature, discussing how God reveals Himself through its beauty.

Read some Bible verses and highlight God’s revelation through the Bible.

Conclude with a prayer of thanks for God’s ongoing revelation to us.

Listening Scavenger Hunt

Create a listening scavenger hunt for your children in your outdoor space.

Make a simple checklist of sounds they can hear in nature, such as birds singing, leaves rustling, water flowing, and more.

Encourage your children to listen carefully and check off each sound they hear.

Reflect on God’s command to listen to Jesus.

Glow Sticks

Use glow sticks to illustrate the concept of Jesus’ radiant appearance.

Have the children activate the glow sticks and observe how they emit light in the dark. Discuss how Jesus’ face shone like the sun on the mountain.

Example pages

Example Page from Trueway Kids Free Printable Transfiguration Bible Lesson for Kids

Jesus’ Transfiguration – Bible craft for kids

What you need:

  • Template pages
  • Colouring equipment (Including chalk or pastels)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

What to do:

  1. Colour the template page or use the pre-coloured version, then cut along the dashed line.
  2. On a blank piece of paper, use chalks or pastels to blend and create beams of light.
  3. Glue the front section onto the background.

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