In Mark 5:21-34, we read about a woman who had been bleeding for 12 years. Nothing worked to heal her until she reached out to touch Jesus in faith.

Key points:

  • What is impossible for people is possible for God.
  • Only Jesus can make us whole.
  • Jesus cares about our needs.

Lesson Guide – The woman who touched Jesus

Before you begin, create a touch bag. Fill a bag or pillowcase with different objects. (Try to include things which are different sizes and textures.) Remind your children that God has blessed us with different senses. Today, we are going to learn about a woman who reached out to touch Jesus.

Give your child the touch bag and allow them some time to guess all of the objects. If using with more than one child, pass the bag around after each guess.

Ask your child if they remember a time when they were sick or hurt themselves. How did it make them feel? Share a time when you had to stay in bed for some days because you were unwell and how it seemed like such a long time.

Say that the lady had been sick and bleeding for twelve years.  Try to think of someone who is twelve that your child may know. Remember that a twelve-year-old is old for a pre-schooler.

Give your child some simple problem-solving tasks. You can work together to work out how to do something. It can be as simple as reaching a high object. Cleaning a dirty surface, and so on. What do you need to do to fix that problem?

Think about different things people do to get better. For example, putting a cast on a broken bone, taking medicine for a fever, resting in bed and so on. Explain how the woman had tried everything to get better and spent all her money on medicine and the best doctors, but nothing worked.

Read Luke 18:27 and repeat several times with your child. “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” Share how nothing healed the woman, but when she touched Jesus, she was instantly healed. What was impossible for people, was possible for Jesus because He is God.

Jesus was the only one who could heal the woman. Share how Jesus is also the only one who can heal us and save us from our sins. Even though people try lots of things to be good enough to get to heaven, it is only by putting our faith in Jesus that we are saved.

Remind your child that Jesus was in a crowd when the woman touched Him. There were loads of people, but Jesus felt her individual touch. Remind your child that Jesus is never too busy to hear and respond to their need.

Pray together and thank God that He cares for you.

Video lesson for children

Free Printable Bible Story

Games and activities

Who touched me?

Have a child or adult sit with their back to the others in the room. One child is selected to touch the player on the back and sit back down.

The player must guess who it was that touched them.

Stop the flow – STEM

Fill a plastic bottle with water and remove the lid. Allow your child to pour the water into a jug. Explain that you need to stop the water flowing out of the bottle. Find a selection of object you could use to try and stop it. A spoon, paper, cloth, a toy and so on. Which help slow the water, which stop the water, and which fail.

Speak about how the woman couldn’t stop the flow of blood.

Touch (tag)

This is a classic playground game. One is chosen as ‘it’. They must try and touch another player. When they do so that player become ‘it’. Game lasts as long as there in interest. Speak about how the woman went to touch Jesus to be healed.


Free Bible Coloring Pages – The woman who touched Jesus

Craft – The woman who touched Jesus

Craft – The woman who touched Jesus

What you need:

  • Template page
  • Colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Brad

What to do:

  1. Color the template page.
  2. Cut along dashed line and arm
  3. Pin arm to body using brad. Place tape on the back of brad.

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