Easy-to-Use Visual Schedule

Download Trueway Kids' Visual Schedules! Make Bible lessons fun, inclusive, and stress-free for children. Ideal for visual learning

Our Visual Schedules are perfect for helping kids during Bible lessons.

They let kids see what’s happening next in class, reducing stress and distraction. Especially useful for kids who need a little more visual guidance, including those on the Autism Spectrum.


  • Visualize the Class: Kids can see the plan for the class, which makes them feel more secure and focused.
  • Reduce Stress: Knowing what comes next helps kids feel less anxious.
  • Improve Preparation: Regular use of the schedule helps the whole class stay on track.

How It Works:

  1. Customizable Schedules: Download and print the schedules. Choose the activities and the order that fits your lesson.
  2. Engaging and Clear: Each activity is represented by a simple, appealing image.
  3. Display in Class: Once printed, display them where all kids can see.

Perfect Companion to Trueway Kids Lessons:

  • These schedules are ideal when used with our inclusive Bible lessons.
  • Enhance your teaching experience and make your class more inclusive and engaging.

Bonus Resource:

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