Welcome to our Bible lesson on “David’s Wait to be King,” a journey through the trials and triumphs of the young shepherd destined to be a king. Based on 1 Samuel 18-26, this lesson has been thoughtfully designed for children aged 5 to 10 years old.

Key Lessons:

  • Understanding the Sin of Jealousy: Saul’s behavior towards David illustrates the dangers of jealousy. Children will uncover the damaging effects of envy and the importance of maintaining a content and grateful heart.
  • The Power of True Friendship: The bond between David and Jonathan is a testament to true friendship’s strength and loyalty. This lesson aims to instill in children the value of forging genuine connections and standing by their friends through thick and thin.
  • Trusting in God’s Plan: At times, David’s journey seemed puzzling, but he placed unwavering faith in God. Kids will grasp the significance of trusting God, even when life’s path appears uncertain or challenging.
  • Patience & Restraint in Times of Trial: David had chances to harm Saul but chose patience and trust over revenge. Children will learn about the virtues of patience, restraint, and waiting on God’s perfect timing.

What’s Included in the Lesson Pack:

  • Interactive Printable Worksheets: Thought-provoking activities that delve into the deeper meanings of David’s experiences, helping children connect the Bible passages to modern life and personal experiences.
  • Child-Friendly Bible Story: An engaging retelling of David’s journey to kingship, perfectly tailored for our young audience, immersing them in this transformative period of David’s life.
  • Comprehensive Lesson Guide: A guide for parents and educators, offering insights on how to present the lesson while fostering in-depth discussions and reflections.
  • Creative Craft Project: An entertaining, hands-on craft activity that illustrates the lesson’s core values. This project will act as a lasting reminder of David’s patience, trust, and the timeless teachings of these scriptures.

Whether you’re a dedicated parent aiming to deepen your child’s understanding of biblical principles or a Sunday School teacher seeking a comprehensive and engaging lesson, our printable Bible story on “David’s Wait to be King” is sure to be a valuable resource. Let the story of David’s patience, faith, and growth inspire young hearts and fortify their beliefs.

Dive into a preview of the content and activities incorporated in our lesson by browsing the preview below.

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