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Welcome to lesson 2 – God made me. This week we will be focusing on Genesis 1:26 -2:25. (missed week 1? click here)

Today, most children are taught that they are here by chance. We want to make sure our children know God created each of us special and for a special purpose.

Next week, we will learn about the fall, so this week’s lesson focuses only on the point that God made us.

Children will learn about themselves and that every person is unique and special. It also fits in with the ‘all about me’ theme taught in many preschools and nurseries.

Bible Lesson

Use your child’s Bible to read the Genesis 1:26 -2:25 and/or paraphrase the account in words that your child understands.

Ask them questions along the way to check their understanding.

When finished, watch the video below to reinforce the message.

This week’s video is “God’s Story: God Made People” from Crossroads Kids’ Club. (3:57 minutes)

Activities and worksheets

Please pick and choose the activities in the pack suit your needs. Split them throughout the week to reinforce the lesson or mix activities for a selected time slot.

Please think of these resources as a toolkit.

Each activity supports the Biblical lesson and education development. This week children will learn about themselves and that God has made them special.

Clay People Craft

You will need:

  • 250g air dry clay
  • Poster paint and brushes.

Full instructions in the free downloadable lesson.

Note: The air-dry clay will need a few days to dry before painting.


Prayer Time

Father (point to heaven),

Thank you for making me (point to self).

Thank you for my mouth (point to mouth) that I can sing to you.

Thank you for my ears (point to ears) that I can learn about you.

Thank you for my eyes (point to eyes) that I can see the wonderful things You have made.

In Jesus’ name, Amen 

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