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In this lesson, we will learn about Jacob from Genesis 25-28. We will learn that God works His perfect plans through imperfect people.

Main points:

  • God forgives us.
  • We should treat others the way we want to be treated.
  • God can restore our relationships.

Lesson Guide – Jacob

Allow your child to dress up in their favourite costume and pretend to be someone else. (A princess, a fireman, etc.). Have a time of pretend play. You can even have pretend play without costumes. Your child’s imagination is powerful enough.

Explain that while it is fun for us to play and pretend to be someone else, today we are going to learn about someone who pretended to be someone else in order to trick them.

Remind your child of the Bible timeline so far. Abraham and Sarah were Isaac’s parents. Isaac and Rebekah had twin boys, Esau and Jacob. Draw it out on paper and compare to your own family.

Hide an item in a pillowcase and have your child guess what is inside by feeling it. Take turns by putting different items into the pillowcase. Next, blindfold a child and have them guess another person by feeling their face. You can also have them feel the faces of soft toys.

Share how Jacob tricked his father by pretending to be his older brother. Ask your child if it was right for Jacob to trick his brother and to lie to his father. Learn Luke 6:31. Explain that it hurts us when people do bad things to us and so we should not do bad things to others. Explain how God says that we should not lie.

Talk about how even though sometimes we do bad things, God still wants to forgive us and has a plan for us. Jacob ran away, but God was still with Him.

Have some different items to use as a pillow. A toy, a shoe, a shopping bag, a rock etc. Order them by level of comfort.  Talk about how as he was running away, Jacob slept outside and used a stone for his pillow. When he was in an uncomfortable place, God spoke to him in a dream. What are some uncomfortable situations we face?

Share how God later changed Jacob’s name to Israel. Show Israel on a map and explain how the great, great, great grandchildren of Jacob are still there today.

There are many other important lessons and events from the life of Jacob, but try and cover them all in one lesson would be too confusing. Please use your own wisdom as to how much you cover or how you spread the story over the week.

Jacob – Bible story for kids


Jacob coloring pages

Craft – Beard Mask

Jacob made a fake beard to trick his father. What would you look like with a beard? Find out with this easy to make craft.

What you need:

  • Paper plate
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Colour paper
  • Wool, string or elastic

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