When Jesus was on earth, He had three friends who were siblings, Lazarus, and his sisters Mary and Martha. Jesus loved these friends.  In John 11, we learn about a great miracle Jesus did for them.

Key Points:

  • Jesus cares about His friends.
  • Nothing is impossible for Jesus.
  • God’s timing is different than ours.

Lesson Guide – Lazarus

Ask your children what it means to be a friend? Remind them that Jesus was friends with Lazarus and his sisters Mary and Martha. Review what we learned about Mary and Martha in the previous lesson.

Jesus cared about His friends. We should care about our friends, too. Talk about ways we can show friends we care. Example: Is sharing Jesus caring for them or not? Is fighting over toys loving or not?

Talk about how Lazarus became extremely sick. Mary and Martha loved their brother, so they did the right thing. They told Jesus. Share how we can talk to Jesus about the things which worry us and pray for others who are unwell.

When Jesus heard that Lazarus was ill, He didn’t run to Lazarus’ side and heal him. Instead, Jesus spent two more days where He was, and during that time, Lazarus dies. Explain how that is difficult for us to understand because we would rush to our friends in need. But God’s timing is perfect and different than our own. He has everything in control.

Share how God always has a plan. Sometimes, we might be upset or afraid about something that happens, but Jesus has a plan. If you have a tapestry or other piece of embroidery, show the child the back of it. Talk about how messy the thread looks. Talk about how it isn’t beautiful at all. Turn over the tapestry and show that it is beautiful. Explain that we may think something that happens is terrible because we can’t see it as God does. He is making the tapestry in ways we don’t understand. 

When Jesus arrives, Martha rushes out to Him. She says how things could have been different and will be in the future, but not now. Review past, present, and future with your child. An easy way is with the days of the week. Today is …, so yesterday was …, and tomorrow will be…

Repeat Hebrews 13:8 with your child. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Use hand motions to help learn the verse.

Discuss what it means for something to be impossible, possible, or unlikely. Explain how Lazarus was dead when Jesus arrived. Jesus called him by name and gave him life again. Share how Jesus knows our names and wants to give us spiritual life. Read Matthew 19:26. Pray and thank God that nothing is impossible with Him. Ask Him to help you trust Him always.

Video lesson for children

Free Printable Bible Story

Games and activities

Guess the picture

Cut a small hole (perhaps with a hole punch) in a piece of thick paper. Find a picture from a magazine or book. Place the paper over the picture. Ask your child to guess what the picture is by seeing through the small hole. Allow them to move the hole around the picture and make guesses.

Talk about how God sees the whole picture. We only see a tiny part, but we can trust God.

Take a 2-mile (3.2km) walk

Bethany was about two miles from Jerusalem.

Plan out a route of two miles either from your house or in a local park. You could also plan a scavenger hunt along the way or have a picnic at the end as a reward.

Lazarus come out

Mark a circle on the floor. Ask your children to stand inside the circle.

When you say, “Lazarus in”, the children should jump inside the circle. When you say, “Lazarus, come out.” They must jump outside of the circle. You can try to trick them by pointing to the wrong action. They should listen to your voice.


Free Bible Coloring Pages – Lazarus

Crafts – Lazarus

What you need:

  • Template page on card stock,
  • Colored pencils,
  • Scissors,
  • Glue,
  • Paper.

What to do:

  1. Color Lazarus’ head.
  2. Cut out Lazarus and strips of paper.
  3. Glue on the strips of paper.

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