This week we are continuing to explore the ministry of Elisha by focusing on the account on Naaman from 2 Kings 5. Some of the main points we will consider are:

  • God can use us regardless of how little we may be.
  • We should tell people where they can find help.
  • God can use bad things for good purposes.
  • We must obey God in the simple things.
  • Only God can heal us and make us clean.

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Naaman Lesson Guide

Begin by introducing the people in this week’s lesson. Explain that Naaman was a very important man. He was the commander of the army for the king of Syria. Explain how he had everything, but he was sick with bad skin disease called leprosy. Share how in Bible times, it was a very terrible sickness to get. It gave you red and white spots all over your skin, and people were very afraid to catch it from you. If you had leprosy, you would hide away and cover yourself up with your coat so no one could see you.

Next, introduce the servant girl. Share how Naaman’s wife had a servant girl from Israel who told Naaman about Elisha and a God who heals. Make sure you explain the contrast between their social standings and yet how God used the servant girl.

Remind your child that God wants us to tell others about Him. Remind them of other people in the people who were small, and yet God used (Samuel, David etc). Explain that it doesn’t matter how important we look. God has an important job for each of us.

Naaman Bible lesson for preschoolers - free printable

Ask your child about people they could ask for help. For example, if they are sick, they would ask the doctor. If the car was broken, they could call a mechanic. If they want to learn something, they could ask the teacher and so on. Remind them that we can always ask God to help us as nothing is too difficult for Him.

Read 2 Kings 5:9-13 to your child. Try to paint the picture to them in a modern way. For example, how would the Queen feel if she travelled to your house for help and you just sent a message to her to go wash in the river? Share how Naaman was expecting something spectacular to happen, but God wanted him to be humble.

Find some photos of clean and dirty rivers. Ask your child, which they think would be best to clean. Share how it didn’t make sense to Naaman that washing in a muddy river would make him clean. Give an example of a time you obeyed God even though it didn’t really make sense at the time.

Read Luke 16:10 and share how God calls us to obey him in the little things and big things. Think of some examples of what this means in relation to your child/children.

Explain that Naaman had to obey God totally. He dipped himself seven times in the river and was cleaned. Make sure that your child understands, it was not the river that healed him, but God.

Read 2 King 5:15, show how leprosy was not a nice thing at all, but God used it for Naaman to come to know Him (ref: Romans 8:28).

Explain how in the Bible, God uses leprosy as an outward reminder of sin. Remind them how leprosy meant the person couldn’t go near others. Share how our sin separates us from God. Explain that in the same way as all Naaman’s power, wealth etc. could not make him clean, there is nothing we can do to make ourselves clean of sin, but God loved us so much He sent Jesus to wash our sins away.

Naaman Bible story for kids

Games and Activities

Take a walk near the river

Take a walk to a nearby river. If the water is safe, you could walk inside with wellies or even swim (MAKE SURE IT IS SAFE TO DO SO.)

Sit next to the river, play pooh sticks or other river games.

Talk about if the water looks clean. You could scoop a little of the water into a jar to look more closely.

Remind them how Naaman didn’t want to wash in a dirty river.

Elisha says Seven Times

This game is a twist on the classic Simon says.

You say an action for example, “Elisha says clap”

If you say “Elisha says” They must do that action seven time (so clap seven times then stop).

If you don’t say, “Elisha says” they should ignore the instruction.

Play Doctors

Kids have played doctors and nurses for as long as there have been doctors and nurses so this activity doesn’t take too much explaining.

Find some toys around the house which are sick and allow your child to be the doctor.

Wrap bandages on them. Place them in bed with a blanket. Give them invisible ‘special’ medicine.

Remind your child of how God healed Naaman.

Naaman Bible Worksheets

Naaman Bible Coloring Pages

Naaman Bible Craft

Naaman Bible Craft
Yield: 1

Naaman Bible Craft

Prep Time: 2 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 17 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: .5

Here is a super easy and classic Bible craft for Naaman dips in the River Jordan. 2 Kings 5. Along with Bible memory verse for 1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, He will make us clean.


  • Template on white card
  • Glue

  • 1 Lollipop stick
  • 1 Paper cup


  • Coloring pencils or crayons
  • Scissor


    1. Print the template onto white card
    2. Colour in the template.
 (Remember to add leprosy on the sad Naaman picture)
    3. Cut out the template
    4. Glue Naaman pictures back to back with a lollipop stick in the middle
    5. Make a hole in the bottom of the paper cup big enough to turn the lollipop stick
    6. Glue Bible verse cup wrap to the outside of the paper cup.
    7. Insert Naaman with the lollipop stick.
 Dip 6 times and on the 7th time rotate so he comes out clean.


Free Printable Template included in lesson

Naaman Paper craft

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