Jesus gave His followers many instructions during His time on earth. One of the most famous instructions is found in Matthew 28:16-20.

Key Points:

  • Christ has sent us to the world.
  • We should share the Gospel.
  • We should strive to reach all nations.

Lesson Guide – The Great Commission

Lesson Walk through in English

Think of as many countries as you can. If the child knows their alphabet, you may choose to come up with a country that starts with each letter. (If some are too difficult, you may choose a country that has the letter in it.) Talk about how big the world is and how many different kinds of people there are. You may use a globe or large map. Point out where you live. Jesus wanted His disciples to carry the Gospel to every country.

The word Gospel means “Good News.” What is some good news you would share if it happened? How many people would you tell? Jesus’s words have the power to save people from their sins. His Good News is the best news anyone can hear. 

Many Christians go to share the Gospel in other countries. They are called missionaries. If possible, use an example of a missionary from your church or whom you have met. Talk about how they are preaching the Gospel to people in different countries. Point out where they are on the map. They have to learn different languages and ways of living. If possible, choose a verse in another language. Learn it in your language and another.

Not every Christian is called to go to a foreign mission field, but we are all called to be missionaries. We need to share the Gospel with those near and far. If we share Jesus with a neighbor, we are being a missionary.

Read Acts 1:8. Use four clear jars of graduating sizes. The last one should be the biggest. Fill them with water. Add one small drop of food colouring to the biggest. Talk about how it doesn’t seem to color the water very dark. Empty it out. Then put three or four drops in the smallest jar. With less water, it colors it better. Those drops represent the first people to hear the Gospel. Then pour the water into the next jar. Add more drops. They represent the circle of hearing the Gospel growing. Continue to pour the water and add more drops. This time when the water is in the biggest jar, the color will be dark. The Gospel has spread through people sharing it with their neighbors. 

If you have a map of the world, you may point out the locations mentioned in Acts 1:8 and show how what started in one city spread to the world.

Talk about ways you can fulfil the Great Commission. Maybe you can pray for missionaries or support them. Maybe you can invite your neighbor to church or give them a tract. Perhaps you can raise money to buy Bibles to give to others. Think of a way that you can share the Gospel as Jesus commanded.

Pray and thank God for the great honor He has given us to share the Gospel. Ask Him to help you find a way to spread His Good News further.

Video Bible story for children

Free Printable Bible Story – The Great Commission

Games and activities

Go and … game

Give your child simple instructions to complete as quickly as possible. Some examples could be, “Go and find your shoes.”, “Go and get three toys.”, “Go and get something blue.”

If you have more than one child, you can turn it into a race.

Remind your child of the great commission and how Jesus told us to “Go and make disciples.”

Traffic lights

Explain to your children that red lights mean STOP and when you shout red light (or show the red traffic light) then the child must stop. Orange means go slow or walk and Green run or walk quickly. This is great for helping young children learn color recognition, meanings and follow instructions.

Good or Bad news

Draw a smiley face on one piece of paper and a sad face on another piece. Place on opposite sides of a room.

Explain that you are going to give different types of news to your child and they must decide if it’s good news or bad news. For example, “I have a new toy for you.” or “we can’t go to the park because it’s raining too much.”

Your child should then run to the correct piece of paper. Remind them that Jesus gave us GOOD NEWS to share with others.


Free Bible Coloring Pages – The Great Commission


Craft – Paper Mache globe

What you need:

  • Newspaper,
  • Green and Blue paper,
  • Equal parts PVA glue and Water mix.

What to do:

  1. Scrunch up newspaper into a ball.
  2. Rip pieces of newspaper and glue over ball until smooth.
  3. Rip bits of color paper and glue on to look like a globe.

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