We are excited to soon be launching our first every mixed age program. It will be FREE to download and use at your church or kids club. Hopefully, it will be a tool you can use while children are interested in sports over the summer Olympic seasons to share with them the wonderful message of the gospel.

We’ve tried to keep everything easy to use and low cost to run. We really pray this resource will be a great blessing to you.

Sessions overview

This program is designed to be used as a five day VBS (Holiday Club). It also comes with some bonus sessions which can be used as follow up. Another idea would be to split the whole program over eight weeks.

1) Triathlon

Lesson Goal: To teach that we are body, mind, and spirit.

Lesson Summary: In triathlon, it is not enough to only being good in one discipline. The Bible says that we have a body, mind, and spirit, which means we have physical health, mental health and spiritual health. It’s important we care for all three.

2) Archery

Lesson Goal: To teach that we miss God’s target on how to live.

Lesson Summary: In archery, we all aim for the bullseye every shot, but we often miss it. We will learn what it means to be a ‘sinner.’ The Bible teaches us that God has a target of how we should live, but we fail to reach it.

3) Football / Volleyball

Lesson Goal: To teach that Jesus took our place

Lesson Summary: In sport, few want to be the substitute and sit on the bench. A substitute is someone who takes the place of someone else. We will learn that Jesus became our substitute and took our punishment.

4) Sailing

Lesson Goal: To teach that we need to set a direction for life.

Lesson Summary: A sailor does not just jump in the boat and hope that the wind blows them in the right direction. They look at the environment around them, check the wind and the weather and then set a direction.

Life is full of things that try to set our direction for us, but we can’t live being blown around by whatever comes in our way (what our friends want to do / what everyone else is doing / what problems we face). We need to set a direction for our life. We need to choose to follow Jesus.

5) Relay

Lesson Goal: To teach that we need to work together 

Lesson Summary: There is no superstar in the relay team; every person there is important and has a vital part of the play. We must pass on what we have received. Jesus calls us to pass on the message of the gospel.


6) Hurdles

Lesson Goal: To teach that God gives us the ability to overcome problems

Lesson Summary: There is always going to be things that get in our way. In the Bible, there is the story of Moses and the Exodus. There is a part where God separates the red sea so that the Hebrew people can walk through the middle of it. There is another part in the Bible that says a man called Peter walked on water. In Isaiah 25:11, the Bible talks about swimming and God has given us the ability to swim.

The point is that we shouldn’t allow anything to get in the way of where God wants us. God always gives us the ability to overcome these things and be in the right place.

7) Marathon

Lesson Goal: To teach that we must press on in our spiritual life and stay faithful

Lesson Summary: Using the famous story of the tortoise and the hare. We will think about the important of perseverance in life and faith.

8) Wrestling

Lesson Goal: To teach that we are in a spiritual battle.

Lesson Summary: We are in a real spiritual battle. We have an enemy who seeks to keep us from God and His will. We will talk about how God have given us the tools to fight.

Lesson Guides

Each session comes with a lesson guide to help you prepare your talk and Bible study.

Daily Bible memory verses

To help your children remember the key verse of the day, we’ve created these take home Bible memory verse cards.


Each Session also has an animal themed story with Bible application. These fit in with the sport of the day.


These works are all included in the download to print and use with the children in the group. Follow the link below for more free printable worksheets from around the web.


Children love playing games at VBS. It’s a great chance for them to get to know other children as they work together as a team. This VBS includes 35 games with instructions to keep the children in your club busy, having fun and reinforcing the Bible lesson.

  1. Hula Hoop Pass
  2. Three-Legged Race
  3. Up and Under Balloon Race
  4. Balloon Relay Race
  5. CRAB Race
  6. WheelBarrow relay race
  7. Human Hurdles
  8. Tunnel Relay
  9. PAPER PLATE Discus Throw
  10. Balloon shot-put
  12. Thumb Wrestling
  13. SKI RACE
  14. charades
  18. Bean Bag Targets
  23. Archery
  24. Paper plate Tennis
  25. Egg and Spoon Race
  26. Slalom Race
  27. BucketBall
  28. Jumping Games
  29. Don’t drop the ball
  30. Musical gymnastics
  31. Synchronized moving
  32. Tug of war
  33. Balloon Volleyball
  34. Rocket Balloon Archery
  35. Water Relay

Characters and Teams

We have 6 characters which can be used as teams. These characters will appear throughout the holiday club and can also be used for decorations. If you would like the vector files to print larger size images for decorations please send us an email.

Coloring Pages


Crafts during VBS provide a wonderful time to set down with children and talk as make together. It also gives them something to take home which provides parents and grandparent further oppurtinity to talk about the day’s lesson. Many of the Sports themed crafts included in this pack also included Bible memory verse.

For more ideas visit

Attendance Sheets and stamps

To encourage your children to attend each session included in the pack is a attendance sheet for both a 5 day and 8 day program and stamps which match with each day.


To help you let people know about your club. We’ve created this easy to edit flyer and poster design. Coming soon, there will also be social media designs.

If your having trouble editing the designs yourself, just drop me an email with the information and I will do it for you.

We’d love to help you reach more children with the wonderful message of the gospel.

Download First Draft now

Here is the first draft of the English program. Spanish and Portuguese version will be available soon. Please send your feedback so we can add to it and create a more helpful program for you to use.


NOTE: This form is only for the Sport Club VBS program updates and not the weekly preschool Bible lessons.

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