This week we will look at Jesus’ baptism by John the Baptist. Our main Bible passage can be found in Matthew 3:13-17. Some of the key points we will examine are–

  • God proclaimed that Jesus was His Son and He was pleased with Him (Matthew 3:17)
  • Jesus is the lamb who take away our sins (John 1:29)
  • Jesus did not need to repent and be forgiven because He had never done anything wrong. But he wanted to do the right thing, obey God, and set an example. (Matthew 3:15)
  • The Holy Spirit descends on Jesus (Matthew 3:16). The Trinity together.

Jesus’ Baptism – Lesson Guide

Begin by asking the child if they remember the point of baptism. If necessary, pull out the photos you took and discuss baptism again. Talk about how baptism is a representation of the salvation we can find in Jesus.

This lesson would be great to do near a local river, but you could also bring pictures of the Jordan river so the children can picture the scene in the minds.

Talk about how even though Jesus did not need salvation since He was sinless, He was baptized to be an example, obey God, and do the right thing. Ask the child what an example is. Explain that a good example is someone who should be imitated. Play a game of Follow the leader. Take turns with your child. Talk about how just like you are imitating each other in the game, Jesus provided an example so we could imitate Him and learn to do the right thing.  

Point out that God declared Jesus to be His Son and that He was pleased with Jesus. Ask the child if they know what it means to be pleased with someone. Explain that pleased means to feel satisfied with something or someone. Discuss things that please you. For instance, ask the child if you are pleased when they pick up their toys or do their chores. Talk about how you are happy or satisfied when they do these things because they are the right things to do. Explain that Jesus did the right thing and God was pleased with Him, just like you are pleased with your child when they do the right thing.

You may choose to make a game by asking your child different questions and having them identify things that will please you or not please you. This doesn’t have to be entirely serious. You should include questions such as, “Am I pleased when you obey the Bible?” but you should also include things like “Am I pleased when we have tomatoes at dinner?” You may also talk about things that give your child pleasure. If they are old enough, allow them to ask you questions.

Ask your child if they can explain what sin is. Explain that sin is to disobey God. Talk about how sin stains our souls and we can’t make them clean. To illustrate, select a piece of white cloth. Tell the child that the cloth represents our souls. Mention sins that you or your child have committed. As you give examples, swipe some dirt onto the cloth. Continue to dirty the cloth and explain that sins dirty our souls just like dirt dirties the cloth. Once the cloth is very dirty, ask the child to clean it with just their hands. Explain that just like their hands can’t clean the dirt, we can’t clean our souls. Hand wash or throw the cloth in the washing machine. When you pull it out clean (for this reason do not use anything to dirty the cloth that will permanently stain), talk about how just like water and soap cleaned the cloth, only Jesus can make us really clean.

Talk about how the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus. Explain that this was to show that the whole Trinity was pleased with Jesus.

Discuss ways that we can please God. Thank Jesus for being a good example for us to follow. Ask Him to help you always follow His good example.

Free Printable Bible Story

Games and Activities

Tie Laces

Learning to tie shoelaces is a tricky fine motor skill for most children. Most children don’t develop the required skills until between five and seven. Nevertheless, you can allow your child to try practicing tying knots. There are lots of resources available to buy, but you could also just give them a pair of shoes to play. (Make sure you supervise them).Speak about how John the Baptist recognized Jesus was special and said he was not even worthy to tie Jesus’ laces.

Follow the Leader

First choose who will be the leader. Have everyone else stand in a line behind them. The leader should move around the room doing different activities. Walking, jumping, dancing, hands in the air, clapping and so on.

Everyone else must copy the leader. Speak about how Jesus came to set us an example and how we should try to be more like Him.

River crossing

Make a river on the floor using paper or tape. Give your children a few bits of cardboard and ask them to cross the river without getting wet. For younger children, you can help them along by moving the cardboard steps for them.Speak about how Jesus got into the river with John to be baptized and do God’s will.


Bible Coloring pages – Jesus’ Baptism

Dove Craft – Includes free template

What you need:

  • Template (for best results print on card)
  • A sheet of paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Orange or yellow crayon or pencil
  • String

What to do:

  1. Cut the dove shape out of the template. Glue both sides together. Carefully cut across the wing line.
  2. Fold a sheet of paper like an accordion. About every 2 cm. Insert through dove to form wings. Make sure it’s even.
  3. Add some color to the beak and thread string to hang.

Download the lesson


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