King Solomon – (Bible lessons for teens)

Solomon’s story is like one of those grand architectural wonders, starting with a magnificent foundation but ending with some noticeable cracks. Solomon wasn’t merely a king but an icon of his era. While David battled giants and evaded dangers, Solomon engaged in visionary dreams, large-scale construction and rendered judgments that showcased unparalleled wisdom. His story unfolds from 1 Kings 1 to 1 Kings 11, complemented by insights in the books of 2 Chronicles, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs.

David waits to be King – (Bible lessons for teens)

Join us as we explore the story of David in 1 + 2 Samuel with our free Bible lessons for teens. Our latest lesson, “David Waits to Be King,” focuses on the period in David’s life where he learned the value of patience and trust in God’s plan. With engaging worksheets, study notes, and games, our free printable resources are perfect for both home and church use.

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