At Trueway Kids we are delights to be able to create a new Old Testament each week to help you teach your children the Bible. You’ll find printable activities and other resources too. The lessons are linked to our preschool, and Baby and toddler packs so can be used in mixed age families or church groups.

In-depth lessons

Trueway Kids offers free Bible lessons, including the Old Testament, for kids ages 5+. Each lesson is filled with fun activities, biblical games, worksheets, coloring pages, lesson guide, story pages and more.

Current lessons

Below you will find a list of our current lessons with 5+ lesson packs.

Every Friday there is a new lesson added.

All our Bible lessons are free and printable.

1God made everything
2God made me
3The Fall
Cain and Abel
4Noah’s Ark
5God keeps His Promises
6The Tower of Babel
7God calls Abraham and Sarah
8Isaac is born
Abraham & Isaac
9Abraham and Lot
10Sodom and Gomorrah
14Baby Moses
15Moses and the Burning Bush
16The Plagues of Egypt
17The Red Sea 
18The Ten Commandments 
19The Tabernacle 
20God guides His people 
21The 12 spies and the promised land
22Wandering in the Wilderness
24The Battle of Jericho
26Gideon’s calling
27Gideon’s army of 300

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